Full Stack Developer

Empowering people and industry through code.

Hello, World!

I'm KJ, a software developer from New Jersey with a background in digital marketing and business development. I'm currently building Contrax.finance, a decentralized finance application on the Arbitrum One blockchain, making it simple for users to take custody of their crypto assets and put them to work in yield-generating DeFi protocols. Let's connect on LinkedIn.

Front-end Developer

I value clean, commented code and snappy, minimalist designs.

Languages, frameworks & libraries:

React, React Native, Redux, Web3.js, JavaScript, Typescript, HTML, CSS


  • Android Studio
  • Bootstrap
  • Expo
  • Figma
  • Photoshop
  • Sass/LESS
  • Tailwind

Back-end Developer

I build custom databases & smart contracts from scratch to production.

Languages, frameworks & libraries:

Node, Express, Apollo, GraphQL, Solidity, Clarity, Python, JS, SQL


  • AWS
  • Ganache
  • Heroku
  • Okta
  • PGAdmin
  • Remix
  • Truffle

Remote Experienced

I've led & collaborated with remote software teams for years.

Experiences I draw from:

Freelance projects, DAO workstreams & distributed software teams


  • Airtable
  • CodeSandbox
  • GitHub
  • Google Workspace
  • Notion
  • Slack
  • Trello/Asana

My Recent Work

Here are a few projects I've worked on recently. Want to see more? Contact me.

Freelance Project
Small business website featuring some cool CSS tricks and scripts.

View Website

Co-founder | Lead Developer
Next.js landing page & React.js web app designed for simplified DeFi onboarding.

View Website

Lead Developer
Offline-first native Android app for nonprofit field operations in Africa.

View Code

Back-end Developer
Node/PostgreSQL database for a VR crowdfunding platform.

View Code

Front-end Developer
React.js web app for connecting vetted caretakers w/ families at the airport.

View Code

Front-end Developer
React.js web app for AirBnB hosts to analyze local listings & optimize their offerings.

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Interested in hiring me or collaborating?

I’m always open to exploring new project and employment opportunities.